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Fusion Power - Energy of the Future

Hydrogen fusion powers the sun, and the same fusion energy can power our future. Our company - Quantum Fusion, Inc. - has discovered a cheap and efficient way of attaining micro-thermonuclear fusion in vibrating gas bubbles in liquid metals. Our fusion reactor cycles a small volume of liquid saturated with large quantity of micro-bubbles filled with deuterium fuel. Under the influence of acoustic waves the bubbles vibrate lunching imploding shockwaves that cause deuterium in bubble cores to fuse forming helium-3 and tritium (which boost the rate of subsequent fusion reactions).


Disruptive Innovation

Our discovery allows constructing inexpensive fusion power generators that run on deuterium. Our technology will render fossil fuels and conventional nuclear power obsolete. Because our work parallels controversial 'bubble fusion' we go against the 'expert opinion'.

We owe our success to 25 years of research by mainstream academic scientists both in U.S. and Russia. Our fusion process is inherently safe and very simple. Unlike conventional nuclear power, cavitation-induced fusion neither produces radioactive waste nor can result in runaway nuclear chain reactions.

Commercialization Plans

We have already designed and built the first prototype of a commercial reactor that relies on hydrodynamic cavitation for production and vibration of bubbles. By 2014 this generator will deliver at least 50kW of low-grade heat. The second generation of the reactor will be able to generate enough heat to drive a steam turbine attached to dynamo and thus produce of up to 100kW of electric power. Because our fusion fuel deuterium is cheap and plentiful we expect the generation costs to be well under 1 cent/kWh. Multiple generators can be assembled in parallel to provide a drop-in replacement for existing power cores at fossil or nuclear fuel power plants.

Investment Opportunity

We anticipate this to be a 3-year project: in 2012 we will demonstrate a proof-of-concept reactor involving repeatable on-demand fusion. Our funding needs for 2012 are $1M. In 2013 we will demonstrate control over the fusion rate and the ability to extract net energy from fusion. The year 2014 we plan to spend on designing commercial 100kW generator hardware.

The expected applications are heat generation for evaporative desalination and electric power production. Key technical risks will be eliminated in 2013.

For investment inquiries contact: Max I. Fomitchev-Zamilov, President, Quantum Fusion, Inc.

Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

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Software (Open Source)

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